BHIM App Not Working ? : Check Binding Failed & Transaction Failed Errors – How To Fix

By | January 5, 2017

BHIM App Getting Several Biding Failed, Bank Account Fetching, Transaction Failed Errors Getting Since Launching. Also Some of the users not getting OTP Verification Errors while Registration in BHIM APP. We have given BHIM App Review From Below and How to Solve/ Fix the Errors in a while.

BHIM App Not Working in Andriod Mobile. Why ? : Check Binding Failed & Transaction Failed Errors Solutions – How To Fix (BHIM App Review Analysis)

BHIM App Error Fetching the Bank Account – How to Fix

The Indian Government has recently introduced the BHIM App to encourage the cashless transactions. This app has created the sensation by being requested by more than 1 lakh clients in a single day. Though this app is effectively working out in public, there are few technical problems with this BHIM App. In which, people are most experiencing the problem of error fetching bank account on BHIM App.  This BHIM App Bank Error caused frequently by many of the clients as per the reports says. Sometimes BHIM app is even creating the BHIM App device binding failed error, mobile number verification SMS Failed problem and other errors. Today we shall explore more on BHIM Bank errors and trace out how to fix them.

Download BHIM App & How to Use Guide process

List of All BHIM App Errors and How to Fix Them 

BHIM App has been recently introduced to reduce the complexity of demonetization and to promote digital India. As this is the early state of BHIM App, it has been experiencing several errors. Here is the complete list of BHIM App Errors.

  • Error Message in BHIM App
  • OTP Error in BHIM App
  • Mobile Number Verification Problem
  • SMS Failed
  • Error Fetching Bank Account
  • Account Does not Exist Error
  • Space Error
  • Bhim App device binding failed error
  • Bhim App Play Store Error
  • Android Verification below 5.1Problem
  • Transaction Declined error
  • Bhim App Not Working Problem
  • Dual SIM Error

These are all the errors that are being created with BHIM App. We shall examine some precautions to fix the BHIM errors. Soon people can Experience BHIM App For Windows, Iphones in 1 Week.

How to Fix Various Errors on BHIM App

 Account Does Not Exist Error

This is one of the frequent errors of BHIM App. To resolve this error we have to restart the mobile, clear the cache and wait. Check the steps to clear the cache.

Settings > App > BHIM App > Tap the Clear Cache

For sure this is going to help solving the account does not exist error on BHIM App. If it does not solve then re-install the app.

BHIM APP OTP Error – How to Fix

This error occurs when we are trying to register/verify through OTP. We shall observe the way to solve the BHIM App OTP Error.

  • Check the OTP And enter into the app.
  • The BHIM OTP Error mainly occurs because of your mobile balance. BHIM App requires Rs 1. 50 mobile balance on your SIM for OTP.
  • While continuing with registration, first recharge your mobile with minimum balance and then continue with the OTP process.
  • If the OTP Transaction is successful, you will get the message “Last SMS Charges 1.50”.

‘Error Fetching Bank Account’  Message on BHIM App

  • Exit from the BHIM App and close it from multitasking tab
  • Perform the Cache refresh again
  • Go to Settings > App
  • Select BHIM App
  • Tap on clear cache

BHIM App Device Binding Failed Error Solution

Solution 1: Dual SIM Cards may be a reason for BHIM App device binding failed error. To fix this, uses the account registered SIM on slot 1 then uninstalls the app and again download the BHIM App to resolve device binding problem.

Solution 2: Due to low storage on phone. Uninstall the unused apps before installing this app.

Solution 3: Uninstall the lock app or app lock app.

Complete Guide About How to Solve Bhim App Problems Like Not receiving the OTP, Declined Transaction, Biding OTP Error (Binding Failed Error),Did not get a notification from the bank, Mobile Number Verification Problem. Transaction Declined Error, Unable to Login & Register.,No internet is available Please check your internet connection and try again, Unable to Connect please Connect to the Network.

So guys, if you have the same problem, it does not matter, in this Blog Post We are going to cover all the Solution of Problems.

How To Fix Bhim App Not Working Errors ?

At First we are going to tell you about the Biding OTP Error in Bhim App (Binding Failed Error), Here is the Process how you can fix it.

How to Fix Mobile Number Verification Problem ?

If you are still facing the issue with Mobile Number Verification issue, please wait for the next version of the app to be released. Now, Modi’s team is working on it.

How to Solve ‘Transaction Declined’ Error in Bhim App ?

Almost all Users Getting Transaction Declined Error. If you got an error saying ‘ Declined Transaction’, then closing and reopening the app will fix it in most cases. However, make sure there is free RAM by closing the other apps running in the background. Open the BHIM App, Enter Passcode and choose your bank name.That’s it!! Now you can easily without any trouble Transaction will be done.

11 thoughts on “BHIM App Not Working ? : Check Binding Failed & Transaction Failed Errors – How To Fix

  1. Nehal

    I did clear the Cache and uninstalled the app but it say the same problem of “account does not exist” but actually mobile number linked to account number. I also change the sim and put it in primary slot but same problem again. Please help to sort this out

  2. Jacob

    I tried to send money to my wife’s account by entering her mobile number linked to bank account.but the message I get is that beneficiary address is incorrect. this has been the case since installation of the app. But I could send money by entering IFSC details.

  3. Vidit

    Bhim APP verify mobile number failed always on Postpaid Mobile Numbers. I tried every time, it doesnt get OTP, I have postpaid number Airtel

  4. K naveen shetty

    If u pin is exactly wright but “could not send money failed” u pin incorrect what shall i do for money sending

  5. Murugesan.r

    I entered the BHIM app. and reached select your bank . when I selected my bank as indian Bank I received a message as ” your bank did not returned any account for your mobile number.
    I am having more than one account with My bank and my mobile no is linked to my CIF and all my accounts are created with the same CIF. My phone is having two sim and one no. Only linked bank accounts.
    So much so the BHIM is not working in my android Mobil. What to do.
    Can any body guide me .

  6. Shriram

    I have used bhim but suddenly it stopped and not verify ing my mob no

  7. Swastik Bhattacharya

    Mobile number verification is not working… It is stays in that processing mode. Doesn’t even show any failed message. When i checked my sms , no message was sent to bank. Also my number is a postpaid one. Hence no balance issue.

    Can anyone guide me if there is any way to fix this or do i need to wait for the next update?

  8. harish bhamare

    Getting error “could not send money failed” while sending the money. I am able to see my balance details. Please help me.


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