How to Get Mudra Loan Under Pradhan Mantri Mudra Yojana

By | April 10, 2018

How to Get Mudra Loan Under PMMY: Pradhan Mantri Mudra Yojana is the special scheme introduced by Prime Minister Narendra Modi. The Mudra Loan is called as Pradhan Mantri Mudra Yojana (PMMY) load or it is abbreviated as Micro Unites Development & Refinance Agency Limited (MUDRA). Finance Minister has introduced this MUDRA loan in 2016. This loan is especially useful for the development of Microunits such as Sishu, Kishor, and Tarun. All the Micro units and entrepreneurs can avail this MUDRA loan. MUDRA loan can be issued to the persons who wish to start their own small-scale business. The MUDRA loan can be availed from the enthusiastic Indian citizens who wish to start their own business. So, people interested in knowing many details such as how to apply for MUDRA /PMMY loan? how much amount will be given to the applicants? Repayment process, and many other details from here below.

How to Get Mudra Loan Under Pradhan Mantri Mudra Yojana

Pradhan Mantri Mudra Yojana is particularly started to help the Small-scale unites. It is a kind of SME loan offered for the development of individuals as a film. The loan is divided into 3 schemes namely ‘Shishu’,’Kishor’ and ‘Tarun’. Under these loans, the amount fixed will be given to the loan applies.


MUDRA Loan Schemes

Sishu Loan  Up to Rs 50,000 Loan will be given under this scheme.
Shishu Loan  Rs 50,000 to Rs 5 Lakh loan will be given under this scheme.
Tarun Loan  Rs 5 lakhs to Rs 10 lakh will be given under this scheme.

Eligibility to Apply for MUDRA loan

People who are Indian citizens can apply for MUDRA loan. Proper documentation is needed to apply for MUDRA loan. Candidates must have the following documents to apply for the MUDRA loan.

  • Mudra Loan Application
  • Business Plan
  • Proof of identity card like PAN Card, Aadhar Card, Passport, Driving Licence, etc
  • Residence proof like recent telephone bill, electricity bill, property tax receipt etc.
  • Applicant’s recent passport size photograph less than 6 months old
  • Quotation of machinery or other items to be purchased.
  • Name of the supplier or details of machinery or prices of machinery
  • Proof of identity/address of the business-like tax registration, business license and more
  • Proof of Category like SC/ST/OBC/Minority, if applicable.

Eligibility criteria for obtaining the MUDRA loan:

  • An Indian Citizen
  • The nation has a marketable strategy for a non-cultivate part wage creating movement, for example, fabricating, preparing, trading or service segment.
  • Whose credit require is under Rs10 lakhs.
  • Approach either a bank, MFI, or NBFC for profiting from MUDRA advances under the plan.
  • The loaning rates would be according to RBI rules.
  • The terms and states of the bank would need to be taken after for benefiting the credits under MUDRA.
  • They should realize that MUDRA won’t subsidize simply, rather, they would support through existing NBFCs, Primary Lending organizations, money related foundations, Bank, and so on.

The intended interest group is the restrictive/organization firms running a small assembling unit like retailers, products of the soil merchants, truck administrators, sellers, nourishment benefit units, machine administrators, repair shops, little businesses, Artists, sustenance processors and others, in provincial and urban regions

How to get Mudra Loan

  • Maximum Limit of cash withdrawn is Rs.25,000 per day in ATM
  • The maximum amount that can be withdrawn per day is Rs. 25000 in POS
  • The personalized card in the name of the firm
  • Presently magstripe card will be issued.
  • Insurance Coverage Rs.1 Lac as applicable to “RuPay Card”
  • Transaction Charges are applicable from 1t transaction onwards.

Purpose of Help

The reason for assistance is for the general public who require a term-based credit or composite loan to qualified loans for procuring capital resources and working capital or promoting related prerequisites. The MUDRA advances are accommodated salary producing independent venture movement in assembling, preparing, benefits area or exchanging. The undertaking cost is chosen by the strategy for success and the speculation proposed. MUDRA advance isn’t for use or individual needs however for the business needs.

Tenure of Assistance

The tenure of financial help through the MUDRA loan is the in light of the monetary existence of the benefits made and furthermore the income which is generated. However, the MUDRA credit renegotiates help will be for the greatest tenor of three years which will likewise be adjusted to terms of the portion of MUDRA funds by Reserve Bank Of India now and again.

The Rate of Interest

The rate of interest on the typical business credits relies upon many variables. To begin with, the bank will charge low rates if the business is operational for a long residency. In the event that the measure of credit taken is not as much as the rate of interest charged is additionally less. If the EMI every month is fundamentally greater than the rate of intrigue will be less. Yet, this isn’t the situation for the credits taken under the Mudra conspire. Here, the rate of interest will continue as before regardless of what the sum the applicant is applying for. The rate of intrigue isn’t subjected to any change in relying on the EMI, time length etc.

The reimbursement time frame For the ordinary business advances, the term for reimbursing the credit sum relies upon the EMI and the advance sum. In the event that the EMI is not as much as the hopeful should settle on the long haul reimbursement residency. For the loans taken under the Mudra conspire, the term for the reimbursement of the Mastercard is settled. The competitor should pay up the whole credit and be free from the weights of credits inside a time of 5 years as it were.

Punjab National Bank – The rate of premium material to the MSME units is in the scope of the MCLR to MCLR+2.25% loan fee which is liable to change according to the administration or the Reserve Bank of India rules, issued every now and then.

Andhra Bank-In Andhra bank, there is no guarantee required for taking the credit. The rate of intrigue is material according to the surviving rules. MCLR+1.80% p.a.+TP* which is right now 0.25% is appropriate for TVs with reimbursement period (counting incubation period) over three years and up to 60 months and 0.50% for TLs with reimbursement period (counting development period) of over 60 months.

Bank of Baroda-One of the primary highlights of the Bank of Baroda Mudra credit is that any kind of store-based or non-finance-based office and there is no base sum and the most extreme sum is Rs.10 Lakhs. No insurance security is required to take the credit.

The Rate Interest (Based on Loan Amount)

Up to Rs.50000/-  MCLR+SP     (MCLR+SP) +0.50%
Above Rs.50000/- to Rs.2.00 lacs  (MCLR+SP) +0.50% (MCLR+SP) +0.70%
Above Rs.2.00 lacs to Rs.10.00 lacs  (MCLR+SP) +0.70% (MCLR+SP) +0.85%


The users who avail the loan can repay it with the convenient amounts in the allowed period of time. The review and renewal will be done as per the rules of the particular bank.

Various banks and their Mudra Loan processes

SBI Bank – SBI bank is the most trusted government bank. As the progression of Mudra loan is taken by the Government for engaging the small and the medium business areas, the credit will be given at a low rate of interest. Any credit isn’t more than Rs. 50,000, the bank won’t charge any handling expense from the individual. For a credit that adds up to anything between 50,001 to 10 lakhs, the bank will charge a handling expense of 0.50% of the aggregate sum obtained.

Under the Scheme, the people won’t need to continue anything as a guarantee supervision. Every one of these things has made the plan exceptionally famous among the entrepreneurs who fall in the small sum to the medium sectors.

Banks Providing MUDRA Loan

Top 10 Public Sector Banks providing MUDRA Loan (as per a total number of accounts as on October 11, 2015)

UCO Bank  4,79,476 MUDRA Loan Accounts
State Bank of India  4,67,062
Canara Bank  3,35,270
Bank of India  2,73,784
Syndicate Bank  2,14,228
Indian Bank  1,90,129
Punjab National Bank  1,83,594
Bank of Baroda  1,20,010
Central Bank of India  1,11,820
Allahabad Bank  1,10,044

Top 10 Private Sector Banks providing MUDRA Loan (as per a total number of accounts as on October 11, 2015)

ICICI Bank  34,311
HDFC Bank  5,57,41, MUDRA Loan Accounts
Axis Bank  4,36,323
IndusInd Bank  4,95,954
Ratnakar Bank  28,408
Yes Bank  9,627
Karnataka Bank  4,958
Karur Vysya Bank  3,222
South Indian Bank  2,368
Lakshmi Vilas Bank  1,449

Top 10 Regional Rural Banks providing MUDRA Loan (as per a total number of accounts as on October 11, 2015)

Pragathi Krishna Gramin Bank  70,892
Uttar Bihar Gramin Bank  1,11,509 MUDRA Loan Accounts
Madhya Bihar Gramin Bank  34,928
Karnataka Vikas Grameena Bank  46,549
Baroda Rajasthan Ksethriya Gramin Bank  29,913
Kerala Gramin Bank  44,525
Baroda UP Gramin Bank  32,743
Andhra Pragathi Gramin Bank  24,834
Pallavan Grama Bank  22926
Allahabad UP Gramin Bank  22,618

MUDRA Loan Official Website, Toll-free Numbers,


Toll-Free Numbers

  • 1800 180 1111
  • 1800 11 0001

The customers can contact the above numbers and visit the official website to know more information about the MUDRA loans.

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