JIO New Recharge Plans – (19, 52, 98, 149, 309, 399) Prepaid & Postpaid Tariff Details, Validity

By | March 1, 2018

Jio has revised the prepaid and postpaid plans from 19th October on account of Diwali. The Jio has recently introduced the Diwali special offer with Rs 399 recharge with Rs 399 cashback. The Rs 399 plan was introduced 10 days back. Jio Rs 399 plan includes, 84 GB, 1 GB/ day, Unlimited voice calls and SMS for a duration of 84 days. Not only Rs 399 plan the Reliance Jio has recently introduced various plans for this Diwali. Check the Reliance Jio revised plans (prepaid and postpaid) from here below.

Jio Reveals New Prepaid and Postpaid Plans: Check Out the Complete List

JIO New Recharge Plans – (19, 52, 98, 149, 309, 399) Prepaid & Postpaid Tariff Details, Validity

Jio prepaid plans

Rs. 9,999

The costliest Jio get ready for prepaid clients, the Rs. 9,999 recharge pack gives clients 750GB data for 360 days, with no every day FUP. Free voice calls and SMS and complimentary access to the Jio apps are a part of the pack.

Rs. 4,999

The Rs. 4,999 recharge plan has validity of 360 days and gives the client 350GB of rapid data. There’s no day by day restrain on the data utilization with this plan either. Jio is putting forth boundless calls (on wandering too), 100 free SMS every day, and membership to its apps free with the pack.

Rs. 1,999

With validity of 180 days, the Rs. 1,999 plan offers clients 125GB data, with no utilization top. The various complimentary gifts, such as, the free calls and SMS and apps membership, are accessible with this plan as well.

Rs. 999

Jio’s Rs. 999 plan gives 60GB of data to 90 days, once more, without any confinements on how much data you can expend in a day. The complimentary gifts remain here as well.

Rs. 799

Accessible for iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus users, the Rs. 799 recharge accompanies 3GB data for every day and validity of 28 days. It isn’t said on the official site in the list of prepaid plans, yet can be found in the MyJio application or the recharge segment of the site. You will get the free calls and different complimentary gifts with this pack as well, and end up noticeably qualified for the 70 percent iPhone 8/iPhone 8 Plus cashback offer that Jio is giving.

Rs. 509

The Rs. 509 Jio design is its most costly one with an everyday top – you will get 2GB of 4G data for every day, and validity of 49 days. This adds up to 98GB data through the span of the validity time frame. You will also get the free calls and SMS and Jio apps membership with this plan.

Rs. 491

This one gives you 91GB data for 91 days at 1GB every day for Rs. 491. This isn’t said on the Jio site in the list of plans, however can be found in the recharge page. You will get the free calls, SMS and Jio apps with this pack.

Rs. 459

The most up to date anticipate the square, the Rs. 459 Jio design accompanies 1GB data for every day and the complimentary gifts, with validity of 84 days. Despite the fact that the value point is new for the organization, the new plan gives similar advantages that the Rs. 399 plan however at a higher cost.

Rs. 399

With the levy amendment, the organization is giving 70 days of validity now rather than the 84 days it was giving up until now. Different details, such as, the 1GB data distribution for every day and complimentary gifts continue as before.

Rs. 309

While it isn’t recorded on the Jio authentic site, the Jio Rs. 309 plan can be obtained from the MyJio application and the recharge segment of the site. Despite everything it accompanies 1GB data for every day and alternate complimentary gifts, however the validity has been shortened from 56 days to 49 days.

Rs. 149

The validity of the Rs. 149 plan is 28 days, however the measure of data the organization is packaging with it is only 4.2GB. Also, no curve balls for speculating, there is a top of 150MB on rapid data utilization every day. Rather than 100 SMS every day, you get just 300 free instant messages with this plan, alongside the calls and apps get to.

Rs. 98

Accessible with 14-day validity, the Jio Rs. 98 design accompanies 2.1GB data, doled out in tranches of 150MB every day. You will get the free calls and membership to the Jio apps; however the free SMS are restricted to 140 writings for the whole validity time frame.

Rs. 52

At that point there’s the new Rs. 52 pack with 7-day validity with 150MB every day fast data top, totalling 1.05GB data. Users will get 70 free SMS, free calls and access to Jio apps with this pack.

Rs. 19

Rs 19 pack accompanies 150MB data and validity of one day. With this pack, clients will get free calls, 100 SMS and apps membership for the day.

Jio Prepaid Plans (Revised) – Check Details

Price Validity Daily FUP Bundled Data
Rs. 19 1 Day 150MB 150MB
Rs. 52 7 Days 150MB 1.05GB
Rs. 98 14 Days 150MB 2.1GB
Rs. 149 28 Days 150MB 4.2GB
Rs. 309 49 Days 1GB 49GB
Rs. 399 70 Days 1GB 70GB
Rs. 459 84 Days 1GB 84GB
Rs. 491 91 Days 1GB 91GB
Rs. 509 49 Days 2GB 98GB
Rs. 799 28 Days 3GB 84GB
Rs. 999 90 Days N/A 60GB
Rs. 1,999 180 Days N/A 125GB
Rs. 4,999 360 Days N/A 350GB
Rs. 9,999 3600 Days N/A 750GB

Jio postpaid plans :

Rs. 999

The Rs. 999 postpaid plan accompanies 60GB data and no confinements on how much data be used as a part of a day. Similarly, as with the prepaid packs, supporters of this plan will also get free calls and instant messages, and also Jio apps get to. The security store for the plan is Rs. 1,150.

Rs. 799

Rs. 799 Jio postpaid plan gives users 90GB, with every day top of 3GB every day. Obviously, every one of the complimentary gifts like free calls and SMS are a part of the plan as well. To get this pack, you should pay a security store of Rs. 950. And also with the prepaid plan, it is accessible just for iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus users.

Rs. 509

With a Rs. 600 security stores, Jio clients will get the Rs. 509 postpaid plan, which accompanies 2GB data for every day. This aggregates to 60GB data for the whole charging cycle. Include the free calls, messages and access to the Jio apps to the pack.

Rs. 409

Another new plan presented with the tax update, the Rs. 409 pack accompanies 20GB data and does not have any utmost on what amount can be used every day. The calls, SMS and apps are free here also, and the security store is Rs. 500.

Rs. 309

Accessible at security store of Rs. 400, the plan gives 1GB data for every day. Obviously, alternate complimentary gifts, such as, the calls, texts and the apps membership.

Reliance Jio Postpaid Plans (Revised)

Price Validity Daily FUP Bundled Data Deposit
Rs. 309 1 Billing Cycle 1GB 30GB Rs. 400
Rs. 409 1 Billing Cycle N/A 20GB Rs. 500
Rs. 509 1 Billing Cycle 2GB 60GB Rs. 600
Rs. 799 1 Billing Cycle 3GB 90GB Rs. 950
Rs. 999 1 Billing Cycle N/A 60GB Rs. 1,150

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