How To Send/ Receive Money in Gmail App ? – Gmail App is New Wallet for Request Money

By | May 8, 2018

How To Send/ Request Money in Gmail App Wallet ? : Gmail App Newly introduced to Send/ Transfer and Receive Money from one person to other using E wallet. We can Add money into wallet like Paytm and Send it to loved ones. We are Providing step by step guide to use the Service and Process for Make the Payment Easily without Interruptions.

How To Send/ Receive Money in Gmail App ? – Gmail App is New Wallet for Request Money

How To Send/ Receive Money in Gmail App

New Gmail App to Send / Request Money :

Gmail App is now allowing the users to pay or request money. Same like Google Wallet the users can now receive and send money using the Gmail App. Now the Google has set the feature user friendly without much complication. By just typing the amount in the Compose menu users can send/ transfer the money to recipient. The Gmail app to send / receive money is now accessible in United States of America for all Android users. Later it will extend to the other places. This Gmail App has not even announced for IOS operating systems yet.

This new incredible feature from Google works as a web client. Initially you just download the Google App to send / receive money. The simple procedure of Gmail Send / Receive Money is as follows.

Features & Advantages of Gmail Money Payment App

  • By using the Gmail App everyone can send the money to others who do not have the Gmail Account / Google Wallet.
  • With this app the recipients can send/ receive the money without even having any mediator app to redirect the money to their bank accounts.
  • Sender and Receiver will not be charged extra to make cash transactions.

Gmail App to Send / Receive Money – How It works?

If the sender sends the money to any of his friend’s email address, they are going to receive the email along with the attachment of the money. After that they can directly transfer the amount to their bank account.

People who are having the Google wallet account can simply click on ‘Claim money’ link after they received the money attachment. It will directly added to their Google wallet account.

With Gmail App sending and receiving money is very easy and also there will not be any taxes of exchanging cash.

Steps to use the Google app to send / receive money  

  1. For sending money to the other users, all you need to do is click on the attachment icon in ‘compose message’ and select ‘Send Money’ or ‘Request Money’ from the menu.
  2. Now you can insert the amount, choose the source of payment such as wallet, card, etc, and hit send.
  3. You can also insert an optional memo to help identify the payment transfer.

Now we are Writing detailed for the Desktop/ Android Users Separately. The Process as Below Follows.

How to Send/ Request/ Receive Money In Gmail Desktop version ? :

  1. Open the Gmail from Here
  2. Click on Compose Button.
  3. Enter the Mail id which you want to send/ Request Money.
  4. Add the Subject and Matter/ Text and its Optional.
  5. Click on $ icon (£ for UK users).
  6. Enter the Amount you want to send.
  7. Click on Review Button.
  8. Click Attach.
  9. Click on Send.

Like wise you can Receive/ Request Money. Once You receive Money from others. You need to add Debit card/ Credit Card to transfer to your bank Account.

Payment Methods & Charges :

Its free to send/ Receive Money from one others. There is No extra handling charges for transfer in gmail app.

Send & Receive Money with Gmail App (Android) :

  1. Open the Gmail app.
  2. In the bottom right corner of the screen, tap Compose.
  3. In the top right, tap Attachand then Send money.
  4. Enter the amount you want to send and choose a payment method.
  5. Tap Continue.
  6. Add a memo (optional).
  7. Tap Attach money.
  8. To send the email, tap Send.
    • If you need more time to write your email, you can save it as a draft and send it later.

For More Details/ have Any Complaints : Gmail Help Center

Thanks For Reading, Now this Feature is Available only in USA, UK Users. For Other Countries We will update Soon once gets ready. Stay Tuned For More Updates. if You get doubts you can comment Below.

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